Monday, February 23, 2009

"Cha!" said the space kitty.

My friend, cute animal aficionado, and fellow low-budget filmmaker Andrew Bellware says Interplanetary is "like 2001 meets Office Space but with more nudity."

You can read the rest of Andrew's review (it's "spoiler-free") on his "Pleasure for the Empire" blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy belated anniversary, Interplanetary.

If I still remember correctly at this late date, it's been two years (and two days) since the start of production on Interplanetary. The "quick and dirty little sci-fi flick" I'd originally envisioned has turned into a no-budget epic.

But I'm really going to try and get it done this month. Which is almost over.

Okay. I'll have it done by March 15. Really.

As if I'm not slow enough to work on Interplanetary, it's been a rough couple of weeks. Stacey and I have both been sick, plus we sold the condo and moved out. But we don't have a house yet, so we're staying in a tiny studio apartment for a while.

Here's my portable editing station, set up in the apartment complex lobby/common area...

Before Stacey and I went to the Oxford Film Fest (which was awesome -- thanks to Melanie, Michelle, and everybody else in Oxford town!), local cinematographer and movie genius David Brower stopped by to watch Interplanetary and offer some editing suggestions. Based on David's input, I just got the flick down to 83 minutes, 51 seconds.

Eric is re-thinking some music, and Joe Walker is working on a couple of cool Martian-style post-production effects for us. And Trap is, of course, doing a little more roto work. But we're getting close to putting a bow on it and calling it "done."