Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Interplanetary: 1999.

Here's a little homage to the groovy opening credits from the Space: 1999 television show (featuring footage from Interplanetary, coming soon to DVD!).

You can see the original Space: 1999 credits sequence here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Since Andrew asked...

That bit of key art in the previous post is based on this classic Star Wars poster...

More accurately, it's based on Chuck's and my memory of the poster. Looking at the original, we were off by a bit. Or maybe we were thinking of some other Star Wars artwork?

Interplanetary on DVD.

It looks like Interplanetary is headed to DVD via Camp Motion Pictures. Hopefully before the end of 2010. The distribution contract is signed and the lab (VTA in Atlanta) delivered the master tapes to Camp earlier this week. And I've done a couple of "key art" photo shoots with the actors.

Still a few things to take care of (additional paperwork, re-scoring the teaser trailer), but, after a few years of off-and-on work, it looks like our Interplanetary adventure is finally coming to a close.

More details as they're available...