Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Comment away.

I just realized that I had the comments on this blog set to allow registered users only. Actually, I knew that -- I just realized that I had control over said setting. Yes, I'm a bush-league blogger.

Anyway, now you should be able to leave a comment about a post whether or not you have a Google Blogger account. So, by all means, comment away.


Stacey said...

Screw Comments.

nick said...

i'm enjoying the blog, chance, keep it up!

thanks again for the help on the phone the other day. you rock.

all the best,

Daniel said...

Wow that is the best prop gun I have ever seen!!! So cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I think "Everybody On Mars Is Dead" would be a much better title for the movie than "Interplanetary". In fact, I think it would be one of the greatest movie titles ever.