Monday, June 18, 2007

This is not a trailer.

It's not even a "teaser." But it is a short (and, hopefully, sweet) peek at a few shots from Interplanetary. In glorious QuickTime, no less.

Edit: The footage is now available on YouTube (albeit in a less dramatic aspect ratio):


Peyton said...

Looking pretty badass, Chance!

KidAt40 said...

Wow! The hands and feet on the monster look pretty damn awesome! Cool tune in the background as well. Did you play on that one?

Chance Shirley said...

Glad to hear y'all are digging it.

The music is a bit of "Dinosaur Act" from Matthew Sweet's ALTERED BEAST album.

Andrew Bellware said...


Nick T said...


nice job (not) making a teaser. somehow, i still feel teased.

can't wait to see the full monty!

very cool, chance.

Kirk said...

Very glad to see it in motion. Thanks!

anonymous said...

Where do I send my check to pre-order my DVD? Can't wait to see it! Looks great! - Dave Hughens, ELVIS' GRAVE

0110110101100101 said...

Late to the party, but wanted to say this is looking great!
Must. Have. More.