Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Small victories.

We had a productive shooting day on Sunday and wrapped* two of our lead actors. Melissa had a relatively easy day, just two scenes and three or four lines -- loose ends really. Kevin got put through the wringer, just about literally. First, he had to act like he was getting killed in a very cramped space. Then he had to act like he'd been cut in half, which involved putting him in an even tighter space.

A few of us went back out Monday for some pick-up shots, wrapping our next-to-last "Mars Base Two" set. And Stacey and I are heading back tonight to break down that set (a restroom) and start on the garage set.

I can't say for sure 'til I go through all the footage, but I think we're about halfway done with principal photography. I feel like we've definitely earned every frame that we've shot so far. Heck, I might even throw a "halfway wrapped" party after we get done at Atrox.

Stacey and Sokol were taking pictures on Sunday -- I'll post some as soon as possible.

*I should say the actors are "picture wrapped," meaning they're through acting in front of the camera, but there will be some additional dialog recorded with them during post-production.

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