Thursday, August 20, 2009

How I learned to stop worrying and love the dual-layer.

I am relieved to be watching the new Hide and Creep "special edition" DVD. It doesn't "street" till October 6 (pre-order it from Amazon!), but I paid the replicator to run me a few advance copies, which arrived Wednesday.

I say "relieved" because this Hide and Creep disc is the most complex I've ever authored (multiple video files, audio tracks, ROM content), and it's my first attempt at dual-layer authoring, so I really couldn't be 100% sure the DVD worked properly until I tested one of the 1,000 copies the replicator made. If I had screwed up badly, that would be a lot of coasters.

I won't go into a lot of detail on the whole dual-layer thing at the moment. The short version: while the extra layer almost doubles the amount of content you can fit on a DVD, it throws a few kinks into the authoring process. Luckily, I found a few online articles about the process (particularly in regards to Apple's DVD Studio Pro software) that pointed me in the right direction. When I get some time (ha), I hope to do a detailed post about dual-layer authoring, just in case my limited experience might be of use to another DVD author out there.

Only other news at the moment is the impending Interplanetary screening at Sidewalk, but I still don't have a specific date/time/venue for that yet. And the super-awesome Lisa Mason interviewed me Tuesday for the 106.9 FM "The Eagle" website -- I'll let you know when that interview is available for listening.


Andrew Bellware said...

Dude -- massive respect here for the dual-layer DVD authoring. I can barely get a commercial DVD to play much less actually author one.
I pre-ordered! When can I get my Interplanetary!? ;-)

Mike Harring said...

Tell me how you did it Chance! And congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chance, for working so hard!!! It's guys like you that make guys like me look good. Again, just wanted to thank you and Stacy for all of your patience and hard work.
Jonathan Thornton

Ky'all McCaterbear said...

I had a hell of a time learning how to author a dual-layer for mass-replication back in 2006. I did it though, and thankfully without having to use one of those DLT tapes. How about that break-point?