Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ole Tavern.

Delicate Cutters, one of the bands I drum for, had a road gig on Saturday, traveling to Jackson, Mississippi, to play the Ole Tavern on George Street. As far as indie rock clubs go, I gotta say the Tavern is top-notch. On arriving, we were treated to a fantastic dinner (I had an excellent burger on sourdough toast, and bandleader Janet raved about the fried green tomatoes). The staff was friendly and professional, the stage sound was suitably rockin', and the audience was enthusiastic.

Many thanks to the Tavern for having us and to headliners Wooden Finger for sharing the stage with us. Check out the Tavern's Facebook page, and drop in for some eats and a beer the next time you're in Jackson.

Speaking of music, LoudQuietLoud is a very good documentary about the Pixies, a very awesome band. And you can watch it on Hulu right now for free.

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