Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Had a read-through of my screenplay for the anthology movie tonight with the three lead actors (that'd be Mia Frost, Sanford Hardy, and Kyle Holman). I am now officially excited about the project. Well, I was already excited, but I'm more excited now. Even though this particular script doesn't have a lot of dialog, it's great to hear the actors put their spin on it. Aside from being good actors, Mia, San, and Kyle are good guys to hang out with. The read-through was fun and productive, and the actual shoot is looking to be even more fun.

That shoot starts up in a little more than a week, by the way.


KidAt40 said...

any way I can get a copy of your screenplay?

Chance Shirley said...

This is really one I'd rather you read after you see the movie. I won't say there's a twist, but... there are a couple of surprises I'd hate to spoil.