Thursday, April 15, 2010

New movie.

We started working on a new short last weekend, Overtime. It's going to be part of that anthology movie I mentioned a while back.

It's been interesting so far for many reasons. A couple of big ones: we're shooting on the relatively new Canon 7D, and we're working with cinematographer David Brower for the first time. David has forgotten more about filmmaking than I'll ever know, and watching him do his thing has been educational to say the least. Also, since he's taking care of the camera, I've actually been spending more time with the actors.

David even managed to find time to take some behind-the-scenes photos with his iPhone. Like this one...

Also, that Reel Blood I mentioned lives up to the hype. Looks great, cleans up easy. Woot.


Chris_Garrison said...

David Brower rocks!

More time with actors rocks!

New director's hat rocks!

Andrew Bellware said...

Love the hat!

How does the blood taste? ;-)

Mike Harring said...

First one up to the plate! Go get 'em Chance!