Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hide and Creep news.

You can now order a Hide and Creep DVD from

And you can watch the whole movie for free (and legally) at YouTube.

I've updated the Hide and Creep home page with links to both sites.


Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, nice. I guess the theory is that, by allowing the whole thing to be viewed free on youtube, you'll actually end up selling MORE dvd's, instead of less. By the Nina Paley let's-make-all-content-free theory.

Andrew Bellware said...

As it turns out, the ones you get at Walmart ARE like that!

Chance Shirley said...

Chris -- actually, the YouTube thing features ads, so I assume the distributor gets like 50 cents or something every time someone watches the whole movie.

Andrew -- Ha! I should have made a pan/scan version special for!

Anonymous said...

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