Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just showing up is half the job.

Watched on January 3...

I'm Still Here: Joaquin Phoenix spent a year in character for this "documentary," playing what amounts to a really messed up version of himself. So it definitely gets an "A" for effort. But what was the point? Is the movie telling us all famous people are a-holes? Or is it a cautionary tale warning the audience, "don't quit your day job?"

(If you're unfamiliar with I'm Still Here, check out Roger Ebert's review and the follow-up he wrote after the movie was revealed to be a hoax.)


Cinemascope coming to your living room?

Use Firefox to convert your video to Ogg for HTML5 playback. Or brave the command line with ffmpeg2theora. (Note: regardless of settings, the former seems to create large files and the latter seems to create small ones. So I guess ffmpeg2theora is the better choice.)

Zombie or Supermodel? (via Andrew)

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Ky'all McCaterbear said...

I'm Still Here -- easily the shittiest movie of 2010. Bury it and set the ground on fire!