Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More on Day Four.

Just got in from the Hold Steady show at Bottletree. To me, the Hold Steady sound like Elvis Costello and Lou Reed backed by the E Street Band, circa 1978 -- a terrific group and well worth your patronage. And Teen Getaway, the best band in Birmingham, opened. That's a good night of rockin'.

Before I hit the hay, I'll try to get caught up a bit on the blogging. Or, at least, show you some more photos, courtesy of George Smyly.

Here Carl and John are bloody-ing up actor Michael Shelton.

You rarely get to shoot a movie in story order. It seems like Interplanetary is more out-of-order than usual, which makes keeping up with continuity from scene to scene a challenge, to say the least. Sunday was our first day of shooting with Michael in his space suit, but said suit gets very messy earlier in the story, so we made an educated guess on the amount of blood involved, and John mixed up a little using his secret recipe.

Then Carl made a few tweaks to Michael's costume and collar after we got him on set and figured out the blocking for the scene.

Actors Mia Frost and Sly Little found time for a laugh before rolling.

Here's a nice wide shot that'll give you a feel for what it looks like on the set between takes. We're careful when actually shooting to keep the tops of the walls (and lack of ceiling) out of the frame.

John and Carl "backstage," working a little of their magic.

Along with Steve Ashlee, who came on board recently and has been helping us out with all kinds of electricy-related stuff. I'm a "220, 221, whatever it takes" kind of guy, so having someone who really knows how to wire up all the batteries and AC cables we're dealing with has been really nice.

And here's Julia Lewis, our documentarian, hard at work getting behind-the-scenes footage. I looked over at Julia at one point, and she was operating a video camera and still camera at the same time, with a second still camera hanging around her neck. That's the kind of work ethic you gotta have when you're working on an indie film.


mia said...

What a great day that was for filming and just plain fun. I can't help but to smile a big cheesy smile just reflecting on it. BTW, the explosion was killer diller, my friends. I'm simply amazed by the amount of talent on this project.

KidAt40 said...

EXPLOSION?! You guys already filmed the explosion?! Dang it! Any chance you got a snapshot of that one?

Chance Shirley said...

We filmed a small explosion -- there will be hopefully more to come.

And I'll probably keep them under wraps until the premiere -- got to save a few surprises, you know...

Mike said...

I love the Hold Steady!

Happy to see a gore preview!