Thursday, August 9, 2007

Maybe Al Gore is right.

Earlier today, Stacey and I returned from a trip to New York City. We went up to see the Police and visit with a few pals, including Paul, Andrew, Robb, and Carol. Everybody apologized for the weather. "I hate you guys came up right when it's getting so darned hot outside."

I tell you, those guys don't know from hot. Since we cut off the AC before we left last week, it was 95 degrees inside the condo when we got home. The Birmingham high for the day was in the triple digits, and it's apparently heading that way again tomorrow.

I know it's summer in Alabama and everything, but damn.

The NYC trip was Stacey's and my first real time off in weeks. It was nice, but tomorrow we go back to the day jobs, and this weekend we go back to work on Interplanetary. I'm already thinking we should have stayed in NYC a little longer.


KidAt40 said...

Congrats on taking some time off!

Nastily said...


Sanford said...

Hey...At least it's a DAMP heat! :-)

Andrew Bellware said...

Actually, most of us were blaming you for bringing the heat with you! And now that you're gone, of course, the temperatures just dipped into the low 60's.
Of course, maybe it's just 'cause you're so darn HOT!;-)