Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Stacey and I go to the movies a lot. If we weren't shooting Interplanetary, we'd probably go even more often (we caught four flicks while vacationing in NYC).

I've been thinking about posting short movie reviews, to spread the word about movies worth catching (or avoiding, as the case may be). But then I thought, "who wants to hear an amateur movie director complaining about the work of professional movie directors?" So maybe it makes more sense to just post links to movie reviews I agree with.

Having said all that, Stacey and I saw Superbad today, and it lives up to the hype. For more, check out Roger Ebert's 3.5 star review.

While we're at it, here are a few other flicks I've seen recently...

Becoming Jane




The Ten

The Simpsons


Andrew Bellware said...

I got news for ya. As of the domestic and international distribution of your last feature film, you are a professional director.

Chance Shirley said...

Fair enough. If I can't be an "amateur director," can I be an "obscure director?"