Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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If the box office numbers are any indication, you probably caught Cloverfield this past weekend and already have an opinion of it. I'll just add that Stacey and I enjoyed it. It's a giant-monster-attacks-a-major-city movie that is actually scary -- of course we enjoyed it.

I'm hoping the flick's financial windfall (biggest January opening ever) means the end of the so-called torture porn trend and the beginning of a monster movie trend. I mean, Hostel was pretty good, but if we get a good creature feature in theaters five or six times a year, I'll be a happy camper.

Stacey and I also caught Monster House on Dish Network. Even as a hard core Pixar man, I must admit that Monster House is a rockin' little CG-animated flick. Steven Spielberg is one of the movie's exec producers, and Monster House definitely has a bit of that classic Spielberg vibe.

Devin Faraci's Cloverfield review at CHUD.com.

Monster House review at EFilmCritic.com.


Wade said...

OK, Chance, you have to make the Birmingham version of Cloverfield, pretty please.

Chance Shirley said...

Holy cow, Wade, that is brilliant. Seriously. We need to make this movie. I'm in.

As soon as I get Interplanetary wrapped up.