Monday, May 12, 2008

20 minutes, give or take.

We're inching closer to a finished movie. As such, we'll be showing a 20-minute chunk of Interplanetary (end of Act II/beginning of Act III) in early June at the Wrath of Con sci fi conference (best name for a con ever) in Panama City Beach, Florida.

You can see us listed here, under "Special Presentations," as the Inerplanetary "Extended Preview/Work Cut." The preview will be using temp music and audio, but I'm hoping to have it 99% ready for prime time. We'll see how much work toward that goal we can accomplish in 2.5 weeks.


Richard Kirby said...

Great to see the movie is getting closer to completion. Looking forward to the final result!

Chance Shirley said...

Hey, Richard! Your and Barry's part is actually in the Wrath of Con preview -- I was just watching it the other night. I hope to have a few people for a screening of the preview when it is done -- I'll let you know.