Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Finally secured a URL for Interplanetary: InterplanetaryCorp.com.

Some jerk already bought "InterplanetaryMovie.com." I say "jerk" because whoever bought the URL isn't doing anything with it. I thought about trying to buy it from the current owner but decided it isn't worth the effort.

Eventually, InterplanetaryCorp.com will take you to the Interplanetary web site. For the time being, consider it a shortcut to take you to the good ol' "Everybody On Mars Is Dead" blog.

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GeorgeS said...

That's kind of strange. The site was registered on Dec. 19, 2007 and the registrant is, so far as I can tell, set to private.

Cybersquatters usually don't do that. Usually they 'park' the site with an offer to sell or host the site for you for an outrageous amount of cash.

One other thing... it used to be against ICANN rules for registering domains to register a domain and not at least park it. Maybe that's changed?