Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, the big Wrath of Con Interplanetary sneak preview was kind of a bust. Only ten or so people attended, and six of those were members of the crew. And one lady walked out after a particularly violent bit. Which is kind of cool in a way.

Even though the audience was small, the reaction to the 20 minutes of footage gave me some ideas for improving it. And we got to spend two days at the beach not working. Not a bad way to spend the weekend.


KidAt40 said...

wish i could have made it. Any chance of you posting a bit of that footage?

Anonymous said...

awesome! i'm so excited to see the alien scene! i wonder if anyone snagged any pictures of me puppeteering? [it would be awesome for my portfolio!]


Anonymous said...

You mean puppeteering the alien baby that I made?Why would that go in your portfolio since I created it?Just curious?

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GeorgeS said...

I have just such pictures... how do you want to get them?

Chance Shirley said...

Kidat40: probably not going to post any of the footage. It is super spoiler-heavy (end of Act II, beginning of Act III).

Of course, since you've read the script...

Email me in a couple of weeks and I'll try to get something to you (after I've had time to tweak more).

Anonymous said...

umm.. because technically i DID puppeteer it.. and i would never claim anyones work that wasnt mine. you of all people should know that i'm not that kind of person, jonathan. I did help out on the movie and i would very much appreciate it if you gave me a LITTLE credit.. thanks!


Anonymous said...

george, thanks so much for your help:] if you could email those to me that would be AWESOME! my email address is glitterteardrops@hotmail.com

i really appreciate it.

and chance, sorry about posting that bullshit before on your site.. i should have just emailed him in response to his ignorance.

Toby Sells Creature Make Up FX Shop said...

I usually do not chime in on little squabbles on chat rooms. As a professional Make up Fx artist, I have to side with Mr. Thornton. It may be true that you are not the kind of person that would ever take credit for someone else's work. Bottom line is that Mr. Thornton made the puppet and his work. Since you did puppeteer it, you deserve a puppeteering credit. If this situation was with one of my employees or interns, I would be the only one to distribute the photograph and not the onset photographer. I would simple put at the bottom my copyright, credits to the photographer and a credit stating that you were the puppeteer, that simple!
I have been in this industry for over twenty five years and I have seen these little things pop up now and then, and I promise you that you and your future career would benefit from respecting Mr. Thornton's wishes. And the same goes to the photographer, this is Mr. Thornton's work, if you have any professionalism and work ethics you will send the photos to Mr. Thornton first and let him add the proper credits and then distribute them to the proper people involved with his work.

Honestly Wendy, I would not hire anyone who does have a problem with not having my company name, copyright and the proper credits for whom did what specific work on the project.

Yes Wendy, I am a good friend of Jonathan Thornton's. I have seen newbies to the business shoot them selves in the foot very early in what "Could" have been a career. I hope that you will not make the same fatal mistake and that you take this as advice and not an attack on you personally.
I hope that you all three can work this out like professionals. Sorry for chiming in, but I have had problems like this before and it did not work out too well at all for the intern.

All the Best,

Chance Shirley said...

Hey, guys.

While I appreciate folks participating in the blog comments, a public forum is not the place for a credit discussion.

I don't know Toby personally, but his advice seems sound. I'll just add that I would prefer to keep any images of the monster(s) under wraps (i.e. off public web sites) until the movie is released.

If anyone needs to discuss this matter further, please do so off-list. Contact me via email to chance@crewless.com if you have any questions.