Saturday, June 21, 2008


Found out yesterday that there would be a screening of Jaws tonight at the Alabama Theatre. The Alabama is a huge, beautiful movie and concert theatre, and it is totally old school -- 35mm projection on a big silver screen. They even have the working curtains that open to reveal the screen right before the movie.

Or so I thought.

The pre-movie entertainment (live music from the Alabama's awesome pipe organ) ended, and I waited excitedly for those curtains to open all the way for the widescreen Cinemascope presentation of Jaws. But the curtains didn't open very wide at all, and the movie showed up on the square-ish screen letterboxed. The Alabama was showing the movie from a DVD.

The "print" looked okay, I guess, but not as good as my home theater setup, and definitely not as good as glorious 'scope 35.

So I finished my popcorn, came back home, and loaded up my Jaws DVD on the Blu-ray player.

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