Sunday, December 21, 2008

First screening of 2009.

Looks like the first festival screening of Interplanetary in 2009 will be in Oxford, Mississippi, courtesy of the awesome folks at the Oxford Film Festival.

The festival will be held from February 5 - 8, though I don't yet know which night Interplanetary will be showing. According to Google Maps, the Oxford fest's screening theater is less than three and a half hours from Birmingham, so it isn't too far if any of you hometown folks are interested in driving over.

I believe this will be our last "work in progress" screening of the flick. I'm really excited about the current cut of Interplanetary, and, if it plays well in Oxford, I think we'll call it "locked."

Special thanks to Melanie and Michelle at the Oxford Film Festival for inviting us!


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Congrats! I'll see you there :)