Monday, November 24, 2008

Trust the art, not the artist.

I've been telling everybody that Hide and Creep (my first feature, co-directed with Chuck Hartsell) is about the small Southern town where I grew up, and Interplanetary is about my (day job) workplace experiences as an adult.

But I've been wrong.

Hide and Creep is about where I grew up, and Interplanetary is about the stuff I watched on TV. Battlestar Galactica. Buck Rogers. Movies like Star Wars, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and John Carpenter's The Thing. And, most significantly, Star Trek.

Now, I wasn't totally wrong. There are plenty of Interplanetary bits informed by my Office Space-like professional life. But when you get down to it, Interplanetary is me trying to make my "Menagerie."

Wouldn't you know, it was my sister Somer who set me straight. I let her borrow a DVD of the Norway cut of Interplanetary, and she emailed me with her review. She hit the nail on the head during the first paragraph...

"I felt like I was reliving all of the Star Trek shows/Black Lagoon/sci-fi stuff we watched when we were younger!"

I mention all of this just because it amuses me that, after years of work on Interplanetary, I am still discovering new things about it.

So thanks for watching, Somer. And thanks to the cast and crew of Interplanetary for helping me unleash my inner Gene Roddenberry.


sanford said...

Live long, and prosper.

Anonymous said...

Glad I could be of service Chance! We only had one TV, so I became a Sci-Fi fan by proximity! Watching all that stuff on our TV with our ultra-cool VCR! You know the one, with the remote control, the remote with a 15 foot long wire wo it would reach to the couch!!! I loved the movie by my brother- Chance "Roddenberry" Shirley!
:) Somer

Anonymous said...

Still need to check out Amazon Women on the Moon - I think you'll find it utterly amazing.