Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I heart critics.

The first couple of reviews of the current (and mostly finished) cut of Interplanetary have popped up on the internets.

Our old pal T.L. Bugg at The Lightning Bug's Lair says Interplanetary is one of the best films he's seen in a while.

Over at, Steve Anderson calls the flick "groundbreaking" and "chance-taking."

Check out the links for the details. Many thanks to Mr. Bugg and Mr. Anderson for watching and writing!


Andrew Bellware said...

Wow, that's awesome.

T.L Bugg said...

Thanks for the link and letting me get a look at Interplanetary.

gesvol said...

A cross between Total Recall and Office Space? Well I'm sold. ("chance taking", ha! it turns out I am also easily amused)