Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sidewalk, etc.

It's official. Interplanetary will screen at the 2009 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. It will be good to screen a feature in the ol' hometown again (it's been almost five years since Hide And Creep premiered at Sidewalk '04).

Speaking of Hide And Creep, the new DVD (the "special edition") isn't coming out 'til October, but I have to get the new master/artwork/etc. sent off on Monday. So I'm a little under-the-gun.

I'm doing my best to put some cool bonus material together for the new Hide disc. So far, I have good-to-high-quality versions of the four "classic" Crewless short movies, a never-before-heard commentary track with random (and drunken) crewmembers, a remastered version of the trailer, and some DVD-ROM content (including screenplays, a press kit, and the barely-released soundtrack album [as MP3s]). And Kyle, Michael, and Chuck stopped by tonight to record a new actor commentary track.

I'll post the full list of extras and specs after I get the master done and in the mail.

Even the menu screens are going to be awesome on this thing, as they're being created by Kevin Powell. Kevin is a superstar designer and has worked on several big-time DVD releases (including the recent Weinstein picture Fanboys and the first season CSI DVDs).

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Mike Harring said...

Congratulations on all the awesome news Chance!