Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cast and crew.

Over in the blog comments, someone asked for a listing of the Interplanetary cast and crew. So here, off the top of my head, it is.

The actors:

Melissa Bush
Mia Frost
Chuck Hartsell
Kyle Holman
Sylvester Little, Jr.
Amanda Myers
Michael Shelton
Kevin Van Hyning

Special guest stars (to name but a few):

Barry Austin
Nick Crawford
Chris Garrison
Jeff Hallman
Sanford Hardy
Chris Hartsell
Richard Kirby
Lisa Mason
Kyle McKinnon
Rod Robinson

The crew:

Behind-the-scenes stills: George Smyly
Documentarian: Julia Lewis
Audio stuff: Kenn McCracken
Lighting Ninja: Chris Hilleke
Costume Designer: Peyton Blankenship
Music Composer: Eric McGinty
Art Director (or is it "Production Designer?"): Carl Ross
Director of Photography: Jim Roberson
Producers: Stacey Shirley and John White

And I'm the writer/director.


KidAt40 said...

Great! Glad to see that a lot of the cast is back from H&C...and congratulations on upgrading Sessions to Shirley.;)

Mike said...

Wow! So much has happened since I moved! I can't believe you're already shooting! Excited to hear about the latest adventure and totally jealous, can't wait to meet up with you all in LV!

Chance Shirley said...


Yes, it's non-stop craziness these days.

Where/when did you move?

Mike said...

I now live with my parents in Oak Harbor, WA. I left the end of Feb to start getting a crew together for My Friend, The Wire.

Bert said...

Wow. Great cast and crew. This blog is fantastic as well.

You guys are inspiring... keep up the great work!