Tuesday, February 6, 2007


NASA space suits always have a patch on them, usually specific to a particular mission. You can see several examples at AB Emblem's Web site.

Since we have space suits in Interplanetary, I figured we need patches, too, so I asked Ted Speaker to take the Interplanetary Corporation logo he'd already designed and turn it into something that'd look good as a 3" x 3" circle. He came up with...

I love the design, and I love the approach Ted took in creating it. After first confessing to being a science fiction/astronomy/physics nut (aren't we all?), he explained:

"You probably already know some of this, but... the major key to unlocking the secrets of space travel, the physical universe, and the theory of everything is a unified field theory -- a theory that bridges quantum mechanics with relativity (E = M C squared), or the bridge between the very very large and the very very small."

"So, on the patch, the stars represent Einstein's relativity and the atomic model represents quantum theory. And of course the Pi symbol 'appears routinely in equations describing fundamental principles of the Universe, due in no small part to its relationship to the nature of the circle and, correspondingly, spherical coordinate systems.'"

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