Thursday, September 6, 2007

New regular (?) features.

I recently read an article by some indie filmmakers in one of those indie filmmaking magazines. These guys' movie played Sundance '07, got some good reviews, and is getting a theatrical release later this year. I figured, "These guys have lived the dream. Given a few magazine pages, they'll impart some wisdom on the unwashed masses."

So what did I learn from their article? Dude, making movies is hard. It's not for those with weak wills, knees, or brains. But, if you can somehow make it through 'til that premiere screening, it is a totally extreme thrill.

Thanks for that insight, fellas.

In the spirit of providing actual useful information, I'm going to start writing a couple of weekly features (or featurettes, at least) for the ol' blog. On Tuesdays, I'll deliver a new edition of "Things They Might Have Failed To Mention In Film School," or "Things..." for short. "Things..." will cover the stuff I've learned about filmmaking that never seems to get covered in filmmaking books, magazines, or internet articles.

But filmmaking books, magazines, and internet articles aren't all bad. I'll try to point you toward the good ones on Thursdays in "Other Worlds Than These."

If you're interested in the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, I hope you'll find these new blog bits... well, useful, like I said earlier. If you just read the Interplanetary blog to see when the Interplanetary movie will be out on DVD (or if the whole production will just crash and burn at some point), don't worry -- I'll find some time to keep writing about that stuff, too.


Andrew Bellware said...

There will be no "crash and burn". You will finish.

Because I want to see it.


Chance Shirley said...

Shhh. I'm trying to, as they say in the business, "create dramatic tension."