Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Things..." episode 003.

003: Film and where to buy it.

A reader recently asked about a good place to order motion picture film stock. As I mentioned back in February, it can be difficult to find these days (especially 16mm, even though it seems like plenty of people are using it).

For Interplanetary, I've been ordering Fuji color stock (plus a little Kodak black and white) from the good folks at Film Emporium. They always seem to have whatever I need on hand, their prices are good, and the customer service is excellent. I expect all their salespeople are solid, but I can vouch for Darren in particular.

As for whether to use Fuji or Kodak color stock, the Fuji is a much better deal -- $112 for 400 feet of Fuji vs. $136 for a comparable Kodak roll. I've used both (we shot Hide and Creep on Kodak), and I like the look of both. There are subtle differences between comparable stocks (say Kodak's Vision2 500T vs. Fuji's Eterna 500T), but I can't see that Kodak's is any better than Fuji's, much less $24 a roll better.


Andrew Bellware said...

Hey -- that's where I get my insurance! ;-)

Chance Shirley said...

Yes, the good folks at FilmEmporium.com also carry film production insurance.

Though I got a slightly better deal from one of their competitors...