Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Other Worlds Than These" episode 021.

021: The Assassination of Jesse James... on DVD.

Stacey and I were discussing the best films of 2007 with our good pal Erik Jambor. Stacey mentioned Jesse James, and Jambor replied, "Maybe it's good, but nobody saw it except you and Chance."

Now, gentle readers, is the time to remedy that situation.

Warner Home Entertainment released The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday. The acting, cinematography, music, editing, directing--everything that gets cobbled together to create a movie--are exemplary. If you are a student of film, or just a fan of mature, thoughtful storytelling, please rent or buy this movie.

I haven't seen either home video version yet, but I've read good things about the sound and picture quality, especially on the Blu-ray release.


erik said...

It is #1 in my queue!

And just realized it was edited by Curtiss Clayton, from Sidewalk days of old.

Chance Shirley said...

I didn't mean any disrespect -- you made a valid point.

Regardless, I'm glad you're finally gonna get to see it. I look forward to your review.