Thursday, February 14, 2008

Out-of-print. Seriously.

I think I've mentioned before that Hide and Creep is currently out-of-print, DVD-wise. I was poking around today, and it's starting to get kind of hard-to-find, especially new.

This is kind of a shame, since I want it to be easy for folks to see the movie. But it is kind of cool that people continue to buy the movie.

If you are looking for a "first edition" DVD, Amazon has a few copies for sale through their sub-merchants (try here and here).

I guess if we don't get picked up by another distributor in the next few months, we'll have to self-release a new Hide and Creep DVD.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame I just borrowed a copy of the film and I was expecting another low budget zombie crapfest but I was surprised how well it's made it's a shame that it ended up on the sci-fi channel which is notorious for badly made movies but yours rocks its got a great blend of humor and gore and never takes itself seriously and thats great.