Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not disappointed.

Had a little screening of the Wrath of Con footage (approximately 20 minutes of Interplanetary) last week for some of the principal cast and crew, and it seemed to go over really well. Which was a huge relief. As much as I want Interplanetary to be a big hit with audiences and critics, I'm much more worried about pleasing the cast and crew who have worked so hard on the movie for little more than pizza and the occasional beer.

Here's hoping the other 70 or so minutes of the flick get a similar reaction.


Anonymous said...

wish I could have been there.Maybe in the near future I will have a chance to see the footage?Call me.

Andrew Bellware said...

Dude, I so know the feeling. All I want to do is to sell the movie and impress my friends.

Random Guy said...

I'd have liked to be there as well. That trailer was really tight and way more interesting than the one for Hide and Creep.