Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to the future.

"I can't believe we're going back to Europe."

Stacey said that at the Birmingham airport, like she was Al Pacino in that Godfather sequel complaining about how they keep pulling him back in. But this Norway trip was mostly her idea. Hers and John's. Not that they had to twist my arm that much. Hide and Creep didn't really do much festival business (other than the awesome Sidewalk premiere), so it's cool that people are interested in Interplanetary already.

I'm writing this on the new MacBook Pro. We're a couple hours from Copenhagen, one of our layovers, and I think the rest of my gang (Stacey, John, and Jen) are asleep. It's weird. It's 11:29 p.m. CST, so I'm guessing the presidential election back home is over, but no news has reached our plane. Or if it has, it hasn't trickled back here to us poor saps flying coach. The in-flight TV is playing The Simpsons. I'll take that if we can't have live CNN. "Ooh... bacon!"

Self-portrait of me on the plane.

After my last international flight, I'm trying to maintain a better in-flight attitude. That flight was miserable, and I figure maybe I was to blame. This flight has been okay, I only have one big gripe -- the captain is so damn stingy when it comes to turning off the "seatbelt" light. I just don't get it. The ride isn't that bumpy. I get up to stretch my legs and get grief from one of the flight attendants. This particular attendant is kind of a dick... Oops. I guess that's two gripes.

This Simpsons episode is really good... Lisa is telling Dr. Nick how to perform heart surgery on Homer.

Anyways, that's where we are right now. I think after Copenhagen we go to the Bergen airport in Norway, and then there's a car ride to the city of Os. Or maybe a bus ride. We'll see.

I was up late several nights working on the Norway cut of Interplanetary. I finally got a Blu-ray disc made (more on that later), and it looks and sounds good, I think. I'm excited to see how it goes over with the good folks of Norway. Our screening is scheduled for Friday at 9:30 p.m. -- seems a pretty sweet slot, so maybe we'll get a good turnout.

Now the in-flight TV is showing a thing about the manufacture of Leatherman tools. Neat-o...


Andrew Bellware said...

That sounds like an amazing time! It's gonna be dark by late afternoon, so make sure you drink a lot!

They probably don't have anything about the American election in European newspapers or the Herald Tribune -- Huckabee won as a write-in candidate.

Anonymous said...

Best thing to take on an international flight? Valium. Plenty of it. Hope our Nordic bretheren love some Interplanetary!
Have a great time,

Sanford said...

Tonight's the night! Hoping for the best, Can't wait for the report!

Nick T said...

good luck, chance!

(there's no such thing as a good overseas flight, btw -- since they all last 6+ hours!!)