Monday, November 10, 2008

Rough translation.

While I try to get caught up on Norway-related blogging, I thought any non-Norwegian-speakers out there might want to check out Google's English translation of the WT festival's official blog at...

Read the blog in its original language at, or convert it to the language of your choosing using Google Translate.


Andrew Bellware said...

Welcome to Everybody Wednesday March is Dead!

sanford said...

Ah... But there is still sin!

Jack B. Quick said...

Haha! That was an amusing read. Give us a moment to return from the dead, and I'll post an actual translation instead :-)

All the best,

Jack B. Quick said...

Google should hang on to their day jobs, I don't think my English is that bad even when I'm blind-drunk (i.e. often)!

Here's a translation straight from the horse's mouth:

"With yesterdays screenings of Outlander and Interplanetary, the fantastic part of the programme at this year's WT Os International Film Festival is over. With an almost full theatre, Outlander was easily the most attended screening this year, which us unsurprising, but sad. Fun though it was, the true star was Interplanetary, which more or less had its world premiere (there was a previous screening of the film in Memphis almost a month ago, but this was an early cut, and the crowd was largely people associated with the production - read a review of the film at Oxford Film Freak here).

In true John Carpenter-style Interplanetary delivers the goods with an impressive, CG-free visual, and an exciting script with an appropriately cheesy script (in comparison, the level of cheese in the Outlander-script is enough to cause lactose intolerance). The story concerns the staff at a Mars base owned by a mega-corporation (Interplanetary Corporation), and examines what happens when this staff, comprised exclusively of middle management and support crew, encounters a situation strangely not covered in the company's thick binders of regulations and bureaucracy. Developing in a direction that would have made splatter-king Roger Corman impressed, director Chance Shirley's deft hand masterfully covers up sequences that would have been impossible on a super-low budget. Combined with a soundtrack again in the true spirit of Carpenter, this is a film that leaves me with a strong desire to see the film picked up for major distribution. You can follow Chance and Interplanetary online at the film's blog, Everybody on Mars is Dead.

This is truly the kind of film the WT-festival is about."

(I'm gonna skip on the review of Outlander; summation: It's cool, over-the-top, but ultimately silly).

Andrew Bellware said...

I couldn't agree with your review more!

Still, I think Chance should think about changing the name of his blog to "Everybody Wednesday March is Dead."

And I would add more sin! ;-)

Jack B. Quick said...

Blargh, sorry for the triple post, but please ignore my obvious grammatical blunders; I'm still not fully awake after the festival here!

"which us unsurprising, but sad" = "which is unsurprising, but sad", and I'll note that this concerns a later, but not included, paragraph about how it takes a film with full distribution in Norway to generate major attendance.

"and an exciting script with an appropriately cheesy script" = "and an exciting and appropriately cheesy script"

Bjørn out.

Andrew Bellware said...

I wouldn't worry about your grammar. Your English is better than most Americans'. ;-)

Jack B. Quick said...

Hehe, thanks for that; almost three decades of watching subtitled film to thank for that, I wager.