Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It seems like the start of any project, or any phase of any project in this case, goes fast. But, after you knock out all the brute force work, things slow down as you begin to take care of the details.

That's where we are with Interplanetary at the moment. As such, there isn't a lot of big news to report from the last few days. John, Jen, and I did get Carl's massive Master Control light fixture rigged tonight, though.

Carl built this thing out of some lumber and a king-size bed sheet, but, from below, it truly does look like something straight outta the future.

We also started playing around with the acrylic spheres that we'll be using as the basis for our space helmets. Here's a shot of Carl, John, and an LED light.

I just realized I haven't covered much "how to" stuff yet on this blog, so it's not quite living up to its billing as a sequel to "This Movie Ain't Gonna Shoot Itself." I will attempt to rectify that soon. And we'll hopefully get some more of the details taken care of this weekend.


Andrew Bellware said...

Cool! What kind of light you have in the helmet? A little fluorescent lamp?

jfrii said...

Hey Hey Hey... that light rig looks great... maybe i should head out there in the near future and check it out?

Mike said...

Hey, if your looking to rig that helmet up with light, talk to Kyle about neon cord. He was telling me about it one night. I think it's called something else but people have been making TRON suits out of it. I think you can rig it up to a battery. I'm not sure how bright it is. My second thought involves a cheap Wal-Mart battery operated FLO, a Bunsen burner and a safety mask.... On second thought, maybe that's a bad idea.