Thursday, January 4, 2007


What's Interplanetary about?

The Player version of the pitch: "Alien meets Office Space."

What's the shooting format?

Super 16mm film. We'll probably end up shooting on Fuji stock, unless a good deal materializes from Kodak at some point.

I love film and am generally underwhelmed with video. Even high def. I'm especially excited about the Interplanetary shoot because I just upgraded my camera with a video assist and three new Optar Illumina lenses. Add director of photography Jim Roberson to that camera setup, and I'm expecting the footage will look great.

Also, in keeping with a more traditional aesthetic, I'm hoping to do everything "in camera," so there won't be any computer generated special effects.

What's the budget?

I was very open about the budget for Hide and Creep (total cost, including deferred payments, was around $38,000 as I recall). This time, I'm keeping quiet about specific numbers. I will say that Stacey and I are self-financing again, so know that the budget is ultra-low. Especially for a movie set on Mars featuring exploding monsters.


Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, this time your budget is "under a million dollars."

Chance Shirley said...