Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Things..." episode 030.

030: Cans, bags, and cores.

For shipping and storage, a roll of 16mm* or 35mm motion picture film is wound onto a plastic core, placed inside a light-proof bag, and sealed with tape inside a metal can.

If you're shooting film, you're going to need spare cans, bags, and cores for your short ends, if nothing else. And you can get them all free from whatever lab you use to do your film processing. Since labs have no use for the can, bag, and core after they process a roll of film, they have piles of the things lying around.

The lab will not, unfortunately, provide you with any tape to seal up those cans. Filmtools has some fancy "Warning: Exposed Film" tape and "Do Not X-Ray" tape, or you can just go with their 1" paper tape.

*Excluding daylight spools.

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