Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowpocalypse Now.

We had a rare snowstorm here in Birmingham, Alabama, on Friday. I took out my new camera (and my old tripod) and did my best to capture the event on video. In HD. And slow-mo.

For the full HD experience, watch the video at YouTube and choose the 720p option.

A little info about the video: shot with the Canon 7D at 720p/60 fps, slowed down to 24 fps using Apple's Cinema Tools. Lens was a 28mm Nikon mount, attached to the Canon using a cheap adapter. Edited with Final Cut Pro, of course. The song is "22 Ghosts III" by Nine Inch Nails, used with the permission implied by Creative Commons. Big thanks to NIN for making so much music available for not-for-profit videos like this one.


Andrew Bellware said...

That's really beautiful. I love the slight "thickening" of movement that the gentle overcrank gives.

Chance Shirley said...

The motion actually seems a little off in the YouTube version. Streaming issue? Are they still conforming everything to 30fps? Which is really, really stupid, by the way. If true.

Regardless, thanks for the compliment!

Sanford Hardy said...

That new camera is the shizz!