Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Other Worlds Than These" episode 005.

005: Engadget.

I love that filmmaking involves all kinds of neat gadgets. Sure, some of them cost more than your car, but they're awfully fun to play with.

I'm an amateur gadget connoisseur compared to the guys at Though the site is more gadget-centric than film-centric, they cover a lot of equipment of interest to filmmakers, from video cameras to high-def DVD players to obscure cheapo portable media players imported from China.

And I mean cover. The Engadget crew seems to post news items non-stop, especially on weekdays. I tend to hit the site a few times a day when I'm online, and I usually find a new story of interest each visit.

Another cool thing about the site -- it's mobile-device-friendly, in case you need up-to-the-minute gadget news when you're on the road.


George said... is pretty good as well... and they both get quoted on

Chance Shirley said...

Yes! I should have mentioned Gizmodo.

And I'll go check out right now. Thanks for the tip.