Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Other Worlds Than These" episode 006.

006: The DV Rebel's Guide.

Most books of the "how to make a low-budget movie" variety recommend you keep the story simple -- two or three characters, one location, no action or special effects. Well... yeah. But what if you want to make the next Die Hard or Raiders of the Lost Ark, finances be damned? If that's the case, Stu Maschwitz's DV Rebel's Guide might be the book for you. The book's subtitle says it all -- "action movies on the cheap."

Be warned -- the Guide is not for the technophobic. Many of Maschwitz's methods for getting more bangs for less bucks rely on readily available (though not necessarily easy-to-use) post-production software, especially Adobe's AfterEffects. But Maschwitz also shares a few practical, computer-free effects techniques, and his use of examples from well-known Hollywood action movies gives readers and author common points of reference.

On top of lots o' cool ideas, the book includes a DVD-ROM that features software effects samples and The Last Birthday Card, Maschwitz's own action-packed, low-budget short movie. The latter serves as a good example of many of Maschwitz's tricks put into practice.

For a free sample of Maschwitz's expertise, check out his web site:

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