Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Things..." episode 006.

006: Get a MacBook.

I may be an analog guy at heart, but I love my MacBook. I'm typing this blog entry on it right now, en route to Nashville with Stacey (don't worry -- she's driving). And it comes in handy on a movie set. I load up mine with continuity photos, which seems simpler than carrying around a stack of 4 x 6 prints. The built-in DVD player is good for showing dailies to the cast and crew. And if you're ambitious, you can load up Final Cut Express and work on the edit during your lunch break.

You might find a Windows laptop for a little cheaper, but... well, then you're stuck with Windows. Which kind of sucks. Sorry, WinFans -- I work on Windows at my day job, and I'll take a Mac machine any day of the week. Bang for the buck, the MacBook is a great deal -- a nice balance of horsepower and portability (the Dell XPS I use at work is fine until your back starts hurting from a half hour of lugging it around). And if you just gotta have yer Microsoft, MacBook software like Boot Camp lets you switch between Mac OS X and Windows.

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