Monday, October 1, 2007

Touch. Me, I'm sick.

I got my iPod Touch last week, and it's a great little machine. I used it to show off the "non-trailer" for Interplanetary at the Sidewalk fest over the weekend.

I also got sick at Sidewalk. Probably something to do with too much socializing and not enough sleeping. So, yes, it was a fun festival.

EDIT: Link changed to reflect new server address (2008-Oct-01).

EDIT: Link changed when QuickTime "non-trailer" file moved to a different server (2007-Dec-31).


erik said...

BendFilm opens on Thursday. You still gonna be able to get me a cut of the film? A work-in-progress is fine. HDcam preferred, but can do BetaSP or DigiBeta too.

Chance Shirley said...

Your persistence is admirable. However, I fear a work-in-progress cut is still a ways off.

We did finally film the movie's very first shot. So it has a beginning now...