Thursday, November 8, 2007

Notes for Thursday.

  1. Been up late the last couple of nights working on a teaser trailer for Interplanetary -- it should be ready and viewable online next week.

  2. I haven't forgotten about today's installment of "Other Worlds Than These." I'll hopefully get it written and posted tonight or early tomorrow.

  3. Stacey, my better-half and producer, will be exhibiting some of her photography tonight at Rojo, a groovy bar and grill here in Birmingham, Alabama. Interplanetary friends Ted Speaker, Arik Sokol, Tony Diliberto, and Natalie Hummel will be showing off their shots, too. Check out Rojo's MySpace page for more info.

1 comment:

Nick T said...

hey, that's great! send my congrats to Stacy.

can't wait to see the trailer.