Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Other Worlds Than These" episode 008.

008: Scary every day.

As someone who dabbles in the making of horror movies, I like to watch horror movies, both for fun and to see what other filmmakers in the field are up to. But, as there are so many horror flicks out there (with more coming every week), it's hard to keep up.

BC to the rescue. He watches a horror movie every day and reviews it on his blog, appropriately titled "Horror Movie a Day." By my count, he's already written 300 or so reviews, covering everything from the classics (like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) to the crap (like Dark Ride).

There are plenty of horror movie web sites, but I don't know of another one strictly dedicated to quality (and quantity!) horror film criticism. If BC keeps it up, he may well become the Roger Ebert of horror.


Andrew Bellware said...

My friend Jim has these interesting short reviews on the Tribeca Film Festival site:

Mike O'Risal said...

I'd write more reviews, but this silly PhD thing I'm working on keeps taking up my time.

Yeah, Dark Ride wasn't great, but if you really want to see the worst of the "8 Films to Die For" 2006 series, check out Penny Dreadful. At least it lives up to its name.

But if you really, really want to pick up some tips on how not to make a horror flick sometimes, I've got a little list of the 13 Worst Horror Flicks of the Last Ten Years that's particularly useful if you ever have need of an emetic and don't have any ipecac handy.