Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now playing.

Chuck and I caught a matinee of Mulberry Street on Saturday. It's kind of like 28 Days Later relocated to Manhattan with rat-zombie-monster-things. I think the theatrical run was just for this weekend, but Mulberry is worth tracking down when it arrives on DVD.

EDIT: Just realized the After Dark film series, of which Mulberry Street is a part, is playing through Thursday. Check your local listings for details.

People take Dwight Yoakam for granted. He's been consistently good for such a long time, his new releases seem to be met with an attitude of, "Oh, another Yoakam album, I'm sure it's great, whatever." I'm guilty of this, too, but I'm happy to report 2005's Blame the Vain (I finally got around to listening to it last week) is, indeed, another great Yoakam album.


Nastily said...
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Nastily said...

Chance, my friend, you are behind on the times. ;)

P.S. Dwight Yoakum is one of my favorite musicians. The new Buck Owens tribute album he did is amazing, too.

Chance Shirley said...

Hey, I'm a little preoccupied with Interplanetary these days -- cut me some slack!

Also glad to see at least one Yoakam fan reads the blog...