Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quarry day one.

After many scheduling mishaps, we finally did some filming at Wade Sand and Gravel, a quarry right outside of Birmingham. The cast and crew count was low, but we had a lot of fun. And I think we got some cool footage.

Stacy and Taylor, Trap's wife and daughter, respectively, came out early to set up the Mars Base Two exterior set that Stacy and Trap had built earlier in the week. Stacey (that's my Stacey) and John were there, of course. And Kyle and Michael did some fine acting, along with Damon, who was nice enough to come out early to film a small speaking role.

Pictures below, most courtesy of Stacey...

That's Stacy; Damon; Trap and incognito Stacey; Kyle through the video tap; Michael; John; me; Trap and Michael.


Anonymous said...

"If you look at those rocks, squint your eyes and shake your head really fast...."

I had a blast, Chance, thanks for letting me help.

-Stacy (Trap's Stacy, that is)

Chance Shirley said...

Thank YOU for helping!

Andrew Bellware said...

Gotta love the quarry!

Chance Shirley said...

Quarries come in handy for us sci-fi guys, don't they?