Monday, December 31, 2007

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Wow. Just watched maybe the only under-hyped Judd Apatow-related movie of the year, The TV Set, and it is excellent. David Duchovny leads a solid cast in a dark satire of the television business. Entertainment Weekly gives it in "A-" in a short review, I give it a solid "A."

Living up to its advertising campaign, Hatchet is an old-school American horror film. Too bad it didn't get a wider theatrical release, but it's now available on DVD for the enjoyment of all. Check out the "Horror-Movie-A-Day" review for more.

The Asylum, former distributor of Hide and Creep, gets grief for ripping off big studio flicks (I Am Omega, Transmorphers, War of the Worlds, etc.), but I think it's kind of charming. Roger Corman, one of my heroes, was the master of this sort of thing back in the day. But Alien Vs. Hunter, released to cash in on Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, is not charming. It's nearly unwatchable. Check out Foywonder's excellent Dread Central review for more info.

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