Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Things..." episode 014.

014: Get a FedEx account.

Shooting 16mm film in Birmingham means shipping 16mm film out of Birmingham, for processing elsewhere. So, during a busy shooting period, I might use FedEx once a week.

Why not UPS or the U.S. Post Office? Well, the Post Office is useless, unless you are a stamp collector. And, unlike FedEx, both the Post Office and UPS use X-rays to inspect packages, which is bad for film.

So it is FedEx for me. That used to mean actually going to a FedEx or Kinko's and filling out that little shipping form by hand, which I really hate. Then, one day, one of the Kinko's FedEx guys talked me into signing up for a FedEx account. I'm glad he did, because...

  1. I can now use the computer to print shipping forms.

  2. I get a 10% discount on shipping.

FedEx account holders get other perks, too. And it doesn't cost anything to sign up for the account.

If you're interested, check out https://fedex.com/us/OADR/index.html for more info.

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First Kentucky Post said...

spend a lot of money with Fed Ex and they'll start giving you a technology allowance. pretty sweet...