Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Things..." episode 015.

015: Keep in touch.

I'm getting ready to ship some equipment out to my pal Mike Harring. Mike's a super-nice and super-talented guy, and he's about to shoot his first feature. The equipment loan is a way for me to make a small contribution to Mike's project, and it will hopefully save him some time, hassle, and money.

I mention this to remind you to keep in touch with your friends (especially your filmmaker friends) about your movie projects. You never know when they'll be able to help out.

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Mike Harring said...

Ha Ha! I just got around to catching up on the blog! Thanks so much for allowing me the use of your baby! If anyone reads comments, let it be known that Chance is one of the most generous filmmakers I know. This very blog and the series of articles he did for Hide and Creep should be evidence enough of that. But he and Stacey also put me up for the 2006 Sidewalk film festival when I was strapped for cash (although when am I not, really!). Stacey always had coffee and breakfast waiting for me and both braved the dance floor for some drunk dancing. You guys rock! I hope one day to return the generosity!