Monday, March 17, 2008

The OmegaCon Preview.

Courtesy of edit ninja Ted Speaker (and VO ninja Kyle Holman), here is the Interplanetary preview we showed at OmegaCon Saturday night.

EDIT: Link removed (see below).

This is kinda massive for a trailer (three minutes plus), so I'm only posting it for a limited time (let's say through April 1). After that we'll trim the running time to something more reasonable and re-post it. In the meantime, enjoy the long cut!


GeorgeS said...

Damn cool! And sign me up for a poster.

Chris_Garrison said...

Awesome preview! Alternating between the educational film and the real movie is a really fun idea, and I think it'll also work great in a shorter version.

mia said...

I am seriously ridiculously excited and grinning from ear to ear right now after seeing that trailer! Awesome work, Chance!

Wade said...

Needs more Asian dudes.