Monday, March 17, 2008


So OmegaCon was kind of a bust as far as Hide and Creep was concerned -- the midnight screening didn't happen due to a scheduling mix-up. But we did get to show off the kick-ass Interplanetary preview that Ted Speaker put together, and local artist Katie McClung finished the awesome Interplanetary poster just in time for the Con.

Like I said, awesome.

Since they're printed one-at-a-time from a four-color silkscreen process, each poster is unique. Katie signed and numbered the first 25, and I'm considering selling a few of them for $20 each to help recoup some printing costs (silkscreen technology is old-school, but not inexpensive). If you'd like your own poster (the first official Interplanetary collectible!), let me know.

I'll post Ted's righteous Interplanetary preview for a limited online engagement sometime soon.

Also, as I'm way behind on "Things..." and "Other..." articles, I hope to post several of those this week. Stay tuned.

Thanks also to Mia for posing for Katie's poster.


Andrew Bellware said...

That poster is AWESOME! Yes!

mia said...

Great concept and execution on the poster Chance and Katie! It's just plain rad that I got to be a part of it! Thanks guys!