Monday, March 17, 2008

"Things..." episode 024.

024: Go tapeless.

Way back in episode 001, I talked about ditching videotape for Interplanetary. A few months ago, John purchased the awesome Sound Devices 702 audio recorder. As the 702 records to compact flash media, Interplanetary is pretty much tapeless at this point.

It's a good thing. I am much happier now that tape is mostly gone from my filmmaking life (we still occasionally employ the DVX100 as a video tap, and the DVX uses MiniDV cassettes). The only disadvantage I can see, as also mentioned back in episode 001, is the need for more backups. But tapeless means faster transfers of picture and sound from device to editing machine (via FireWire and/or USB 2) and less equipment (goodbye DigiBeta decks!).

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